This is it.
This is the end of our journey.
Our six years journey have been end up like this.
There’s With Dina Category no more.
Shit, I just have no chance to keep it up.
She said “I don’t want to hurt you anymore”
My mind said “Damn it”
Some people say “if you really love her, just set her free, if she’s come back, she’s yours”
I said “Bull shit, she’s mine already. And I can’t keep her just a minute longer”

Thats hurts de.

Maybe you will say “Cmon you can over it”
No, thats a crap. Another bullshit.
I can’t over it.
After all these years you are like right hand to me.
And now its gone. There’s no replacement for right hand, de
You just gave me only one choice, to deal with the other hand.
The left hand
And thats impossible for me, and I dont want to !!
For now, or tomorrow or next week, month
Maybe for a year to come.

I just realized that I won’t have a hundred years with you.

God damn it.

Thats really hurts.

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