Untuk Semua Sahabat

All dearest friends,

Thanks a lot for your concern when we, Tom and I, were in Yogya. Sorry if in that time I cant reply all your text as soon as I wanted since it was pretty busy there. We went to see my friends there to check how was things with their homes and family, some of their family was injured and their houses was flat to the ground. We were arranging some aid in that time since until Sunday evening there was no aid from government reached them yet. Only aids from society around that collected independently was able to reach them. We were manage to collect some money on Saturday and planned to buy them some food, medication, clean water, and blankets but the stores mostly was still closed or damage so it wasn’t much stock to buy.After earthquake, the water from the wheel, any wheel in Yogyakarta cant not be used cause it already mix with mud (you can imagine as if you have a glass of coffee and when you shake it the residue of the coffee in the bottom going up so you cant drink the coffee anymore, that exactly what happened in there after the earthquake). The aid from government wasn’t reach their places yet, as you all already know how Indonesian government work, full of byrocracy. Instead of giving them food and shelter and medication as fast as they could, the did this filling data and record sheet about how many houses were damage, how many people survived, how bad the damage, for every village- which sounds hopeless since mostly all the village in the south of Yogya was flat to the ground, but yet they still have to deal with this byrocratic and paperwork things before they can get the aid. Very ironic. Some of them can get the aid by showing their ID card while mostly of them don’t even know where their ID card, probably somewhere in the ruin which they still scared to go near it. The price of gas and kerosene was increase until 4 times in Saturday and Sunday. Gas can reach until Rp 15.000/liter (plus queueing for 2 hours or more), kerosene until 10.000/litre (and each people can only bought 1 litre. It’s disaster since they are back to basic way of cooking now since mostly they cant save their stoves so they have to cook with wood again). On Saturday night, there were no aid yet come to them since all people still panic to save their own lives thinking that that might be Tsunami or Merapi explode, so these people who survived from the earthquake back to basic with survival things to eat, they cooked all rice that they have and made it porridge and share it to the whole villagers. All youngsters prefer giving their food to kids, women, and older people. They didn’t eat since there were not enough food to eat.

Sunday morning, Tom and I and my friends in Yogya visited our friend who their house were flat to the ground, and saw what had happened that. Saw how bad the condition with no food and no clean water and with the government officers walking around put the mark in their paper make data while other locals who lost their houses work together to build shelter which was very basic with plastic as the roof and support by some bamboo and the women try to cooked anything they have to feed the people there, very ironic… What the hell are the government doing?, we thought in that time. And that very moment, my friends and I just collecting money that we had in that wallet in that time and chip in and we all search to the market to buy any stuffs, especially food, that we can buy. But since it was Sunday, only one day after disaster, no shop and store open. Mostly closed. There were some which was open but nearly out of stock since most people need it and bought it either for their own family stock or to help the disaster victims. Anyway, we manage to collect some money to buy some stuffs (rice, noodle, mineral water, medicine, and blanket) and dropped them in our friend’s villages. It was a relieve to know that our friends at least not starving anymore, then we can think about helping other villages and going back to Jakarta (the airport which was closed since Saturday, the train station was closed as well). We went to travel agent on Monday, and we found a very good news that airport in Yogyakarta was already open, so we have the earliest flight that we can get that day (which was supposed to be at 5.15 pm but it turned out we flew at 8.30 pm).

Right now, my friends in Yogya still collecting money to help the villagers in remote area which still not reached by the aid (either from government or from NGO) yet. We all just bunch of people who feel concerned and connected with the feeling of growing up in Yogyakarta, where that city and those people had taught us so many things, about life and about understanding human and society, and make us into the way we are now, with the way we are thinking and the way we saw the life. We owe so much to the city and to the people there. Where we grow and developed for more than 5 years and up until now still feeling connection with people there. We are still raise money now to help them and distribute it to places which not been reach yet (since it probably cant be reach by car, only reach by motorcycle). Since mostly of my friends were locals who lives around that city they knew more places that needed help that haven’t been reach yet, so if any of you want to help them you can send the money to my friend’s bank account:


We are not an NGO or under some kind of banner of organization, we just bunch of people who once studied in Yogyakarta and feel called to help since we owe so much to the city and the people. We are really glad if you can help. But if you send the money, please give confirmation to my friend who manage it in Yogyakarta. They will use the money to buy things that needed by the locals and distribute it to the most needed places, especially the ones which not been reached yet.

At the end, I am so glad I can manage to came back safe and sound in Jakarta, but part of me still in Yogyakarta since it had been the second home to me where I spend my teenage and my early twenty there, where I learned to see the world and the life and the people, and then value it

With all my love,


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